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Microfiltration Vacuum Membrane Filter

pvdf membrane filters

PVDF Membrane Filters

Protein recovery, HPLC sample preparation
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PTFE Membrane Filters

Hydrophobic membrane, high temperature resistance
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Nylon Membrane Filters

Removal of microbes and organic solvents

The Chosen Guide of Hawach Filter Membrane

the chosen guide of hawach filter membrane

Scanning Electron Microscope Picture of Filter Membrane

Scanning Electron Microscope Picture of Filter Membrane
      As we see the scanning electron microscope picture of glass fiber membrane, its micropores are formed by the accumulation of individual fibers. Not only the surface of the membrane but also a lot of particles can be contained inside it. Relatively speaking, PES membrane filter, MCE membrane filter, PTFE membrane filter, Nylon membrane filter, PVDF membrane filter, etc. mainly trap particulates on the surface of the membrane, so GF has strong dirt holding capacity, but the absolute retention accuracy is not as high as that of microporous membranes, so it is often used in coarse filtration and pre-filtration.
      Filter membrane prioritizes the retention of large particles, while protecting the efficiency of the subsequent membrane, preventing the subsequent membrane from being blocked, and increasing the product use effect! Similarly, polypropylene membrane can also be used as a pre-filter, which has the same effect as glass fiber membrane filter, and is used at the front end of membrane filtration to prevent filter clogging!

Membrane Filter Suppliers - Hawach

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd is a leading membrane supplier, which provides customers with one-stop shopping, marketing strategies, and laboratory filtration product solutions. As a professional membrane filter manufacturers, Hawach has strong technical strength and has a group of advanced and modern production equipment, mainly producing laboratory membrane filters. Microfiltration membrane is an ideal choice for various solutions, sterilization and impurity removal. With the brand concept of honesty, quality, and specialization, the microfiltration membrane manufacturers strive for excellence in products and intensively cultivate in the market; thus providing customers with quality services and microfiltration membrane. Hawach will strive to build a world-renowned first-class laboratory consumables membrane supplier.
0.45 Disc Vacuum Microfiltration Membrane

The Differences Between PVDF and PTFE Membrane

PVDF vs PTFE 1. Solvent resistance, acid, and alkali resistance are different for PVDF vs PTFE; 2. Different uses for PTFE vs PVDF; 3. The chemical reaction is different between PVDF and PTFE. Both PVDF material and PTFE membrane material are fluorine-containing...
nylon membrane filter

The Differences Between Nylon Membrane Filters And MCE Membrane Filters

The Nylon membrane filters are hydrophilic and they are alkali-resisting but not acid-resisting. The MCE membrane filters have excellent pore-formed properties, good hydrophily, and low protein...
hydrophobic membrane and hydrophilic ptfe membrane

Main Applications Of Hydrophobic And Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filter

PTFE hydrophilic or hydrophobic. PTFE hydrophobic membranes become PTFE hydrophilic membranes after treatment with ethanol or isopropanol. Hydrophobic membranes cannot be wetted naturally, and...

Hawach To Talk About The Applications And Differences Filter Membrane

Filter membrane is widely used in gravimetric analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation, and sterility test. The description and application of PVDF VS nylon membrane, and NC membrane as following...
how to choose fliter membrane

Do You Know How To Choose A Membrane Filter?

Considering the selection of the filter membrane, the following is filter membrane selection guide: 1. Filter material of the filter membrane; 2. The pore size of the filter membrane; 3. Characteristics of samples...

Working Principle of Membrane Filter

The membrane filtration principle is that a filter membrane can retain particles such as larger solid particles and microorganisms and some bacteria in the solution, and the solvent and small molecular substances can pass through the mixture ...
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