Application of Filter Membrane in the Drinking Water Industry

The filter membranes are widely used in the drinking water industry.

Its advantages are as follows:
1. No coagulant is required;
2. Simple automatic operation and easy unmanned management;
3. The water plant occupies less land;
4. Low maintenance and management costs;
5. Easy drainage;
6. It can remove suspended matter and solid matter in industrial sewage.

The service life of filter membranes

The membrane hole is blocked by impurities in the water, which increases the loss of water head and reduces the flow rate when the fluid passes through the membrane hole. At this time filter membranes can usually be rinsed with water so that the membrane hole to restore the original infiltration capacity.
The selection of filter membranes is the key to achieve the best filtration effect. The filter material should adapt to the different chemical properties of the filter medium. At present, fluoroethylene membrane and the mixed fiber resin membrane are commonly used.

Features of filter membranes

1. Strong and permanent hydrophilicity;
2. High velocity;
3. High filtration accuracy;
4. Clean, no shedding, low solubility;
5. Long service life;
6. Chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance.