Application of Membrane Filter in Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparations

Problems and Solutions

Although it has many advantages, UF membranes inevitably have some disadvantages. One of the most notable problems is that the membranes are easily polluted. In order to give full play to the role of UF membrane separation technology and prolong the life of membranes, it is necessary to do a good job in the prevention and treatment of membrane filter fouling.

The operation of filter membranes

Firstly, the traditional Chinese medicine preparations were pretreated by plate-frame filter pressing to keep the pore size of the preparations in the range of 1 to 5 nanometers.

Secondly, the high-speed separator and centrifuge should be used to operate the traditional Chinese medicine medicines turn, and the medicines should be filtered further after the filtration operation. Then, traditional Chinese medicine medicines should be treated by media filtration, such as filter paper pulp or talcum powder.

Finally, traditional Chinese medicine medicines should be treated with filter membranes, whose pore size should be ten times that of ultrafiltration membranes. Through the above treatment and operation, on the one hand, the efficiency and quality of ultrafiltration separation can be greatly improved, on the other hand, the ultrafiltration membrane has played a very good protective effect.

Principle of Ultrafiltration Membrane Separation Technology

Ultrafiltration membrane analysis technology is a new technology. In this technology, the membrane of the separating medium has a selective permeability. When the potential, concentration, or pressure on both sides of the membrane are quite different, because the size of the pore of the UF dialysis membrane is limited, some materials can pass through the membrane filter, while some materials can not. Membrane, which successfully achieves the purpose of selective permeation, thus a good purification and separation effect.

Ultrafiltration dialysis membranes are characterized by the following aspects:

(1) The technology can differentiate and concentrate materials with thermal sensitivity in the room temperature environment.
(2) The technology has good environmental protection when it plays the role of concentration and separation.
(3) The energy consumption is very small and the separation coefficient is large;
(4) The technology is easy to implement and develop and can realize the automatic separation of substances. Ultrafiltration membrane analysis technology has been widely used in the current separation field because of the above characteristics. It has more significant advantages than other technologies and can replace the original separation technology to play a role and effect.

Avoiding concentration polarization

The reason why ultrafiltration membrane filters can achieve good separation and filtration results is that the pore size of the membrane is relatively small, but this causes the problem of membrane fouling. In the process of separation, the gel layer is often covered on the surface of the membrane, which hinders the development and Realization of the membrane filter function. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the concentration of solute on the surface of the membrane to effectively alleviate the concentration polarization problem.

Therefore, magnetic stirring or pulsed flow can be used to reduce the viscosity of traditional Chinese medicine liquid and increase the temperature of the liquid by means of the fluidized bed. Then, according to the actual situation, constant pressure filtration and constant velocity filtration are selected to reduce the incidence of concentration polarization.

Prospects of filter membranes

According to the principle and application of ultrafiltration membrane separation technology, it has very broad development prospects. The practical application of this technology is an important symbol of reform and development in the field of filtration and separation. It abandons the traditional backward separation technology and meets the development needs of traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

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