Brief Intro of Hawach Filter Membranes

Known as surface filtration, membrane filtration is a process that the solid particles can be separated through a very thin filter medium. The particles are usually larger than the pore size of the membrane. During separation, a semi-permeable membrane acts as a selective barrier retaining the particles bigger than the pore size, as while as the smaller molecules go through the pores.

Filter membranes are micro-porous plastic films with specific pore size ratings. working as a screen, membranes retain particles or microorganisms larger than their pore size primarily by surface capture. Some particles which are smaller than the pore size may be retained by other mechanisms.

0.22 China PP Membrane Filters for Lab
0.45 Nylon Membrane Filters for Lab
0.22 Hydrophobic PTFE Disc Membrane Filter

Removing all micro-organisms and particles reliably, without any effects on the ingredients during the whole process, Hawach filter membranes have two types: round disc membrane filters and roll type ones. They can be used for filtration and sterilization of liquids, gas, and other samples. You can find them They available in a wide range of pore size and materials such as PTFE, PVDF, Nylon, MCE, CA, PES, GF, PP and etc.