Cautions in the Use of Membrane Filter

1. Measuring the foaming point: Measuring the pressure of the foaming point can reflect the pore size of the microporous membrane filter, which is closely related to the quality of the filtered liquid and an important means to ensure the quality of the microporous membrane.

2. In order to protect and prolong the service life of the filter membrane, filter paper or silk cloth of the same size can be placed on the filter membrane to prevent the rupture of the filter membrane.

3. Fixed a No. 16 infusion needle on the skin pipe head of the exhaust pipe of the filter rack and controlled by a water stop clamp, so as to avoid the rupture of the filter membrane caused by excessive exhaust pressure and speed.

4. After use, the microporous membrane is placed in the water for injection to prevent drying, but do not soak for too long. The microporous membrane that has been dehydrated and dried cannot be used.

5. Do not sterilize the filter rack together with the filter membrane, otherwise, the filter membrane will be fragile and wrinkle due to thermal expansion and cold contraction.