Characteristics and Applications of MCE Grid Membrane Filter

Hawach scientific provide high-quality MCE Grid membrane filter and the products have been exporting to more than 120 countries and area.

MCE Grid membrane filter is a kind of mixed cellulose wafer film with mesh, which is mainly used to count the bacterial colony after culture, and it can be divided into two specifications: black background and white background. We can offer both continuous packing and independent packing diameter 47mm/50mm, pore size 0.22 um/0.45 um/0.8 um. Mainly used for environmental monitoring, microbial count, detection, bacterial detection, in beer, food, juice, milk, pharmaceutical and other areas of microbial testing achieved consistent praise.

The product features are most suitable for microbial interception and growth, and the microbial resurrection rate is 90%. The membrane has a grid line, which is easy to distinguish and count the colony and does not affect the colony growth.

Single piece aseptic packaging, direct use, save the sterilization time, avoid the secondary pollution in the operation; The combination of the diaphragm and grid lines with different colors is suitable for different microbial detection.

White background with black grid 0.45 um, detection of water bacteria, coliform bacteria, mainly used for e. Coli and bacterial colony count; Black background with white grid 0.45 um, mainly used for mold and yeast count detection.

Product USES aseptic filtration, air detection, particle detection, particle removal of ionized water microbiological analysis particle detection, particle removal, dairy microbiological, yeast, mold detection. Fluid quality analysis, particle collection, and analysis for use.