Description And Application Of Membranes Filter

Description of Membranes Filter

Membranes filter is frequently used for purity during clarification and sterilization procedure, it is often fit for general biological filtration, particle retention, and removal for aqueous solutions. Membranes filter provided by Hawach scientific are available in two types: one is roll type, and another one is round disc type.

Both of them are biologically inert with good thermal stability and provided with good chemical compatibility. Besides, it can accommodate a wide range of applications, especially those requiring high flow rate, and applications where a membrane with a relatively high nonspecific adsorption.

Application of Membranes Filter

Membrane filter marketed by our company enjoys a good reputation in quality and performance aspect. It is perfect for filtration of air, gases or chemicals. In view of performance, it is characterized in excellent optical visibility, high filtration speed, and low non-protein adsorption of proteins. The wide selection of diameters and pore sizes meet different needs of customers.

The high standard of workmanship and selection of materials make them excellently for the particle removal from solvents, allow their capillary pore structure to be uniform and precise, and make a membrane with a narrow pore size distribution, thus they are excellent for precise particle retention and analysis.

0.45 PES Membrane Filters Disc
0.22 Hydrophobic PTFE Disc Membrane Filter
Hydrophobic PTFE Disc Membrane Filter Disc