Engineering Application Of PVDF Filter Membrane

A PVDF filter membrane is a new kind of membrane material with excellent comprehensive performance, such as high mechanical strength, acid and alkali resistance and good chemical stability, outstanding dielectric, biocompatibility, heat resistance, high separation accuracy, and high-efficiency characteristics, which has broad application prospects in the field of filter membrane separation.

PVDF filter membranes have the practical features of artistry, economy, and durability and have advantages in acoustic performance, thermal insulation performance, fire performance, mechanical performance, optical performance, self-cleaning performance.

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Application of PVDF filter membranes.
1. Filtration of gas and steam;
2. Filtration and purification of oxidizing reagents;
3. Filtration of high-temperature liquid;
4. Oil and water separation.

Engineering application of PVDF filter. Mainly used for industrial wastewater and municipal sewage treatment of electrophoresis paint, printing, and dyeing, electroplating, and others; recovery of protein and starch in food industry wastewater; removal of bacteria for drinking water and preparation of ultrapure water; clarification and concentration of TCM preparations.

Several filter membrane material experts predicted that PVDF filter membranes will remain mainstream for the next five years in the next five years. On this basis, it is expected to prepare PVDF ultrafiltration membrane materials with high flux, high strength, and high hydrophilicity.