Features and Applications of Mixed Cellulose Membrane

The mixed cellulose(MCE) membrane is made of refined nitrocellulose, added with the appropriate amount of cellulose acetate, acetone, n-butanol, ethanol, etc., which is hydrophilic, non-toxic and hygienic.
The mixed cellulose membrane is a kind of porous membrane filtration material and is mainly used for filtration of water system solution, so it is also called water system membrane. This product is inflammable. Please pay attention to sealing, moisture proof, and fire prevention when keeping it.

Features of the mixed cellulose membrane

1. Uniform aperture;
2. High porosity;
3. No media falling;
4. Thin in texture;
5. Small resistance;
6. Fast filtration speed;
7. Minimal adsorption.

Application of the mixed cellulose membrane

1. It can filter bacteria out from pharmaceutical liquids, gases, oils, beverages, sprinkles, and electronic instruments and also can be used as a suppository test for particles and bacteria.
2. Analysis and determination of particulate matter and oil insoluble matter in solution, and determination of water pollution index.
3. The mixed cellulose membrane can be applied in the research of somatic cell hybridization and linear particle complementation to predict heterosis.
4. The fine filtration of high purity water in electronic industry.