Filter Membrane Material Characteristics

1. The PTFE filter membrane is made of PTFE which is completely made of natural permanent hydrophobicity. Even under a low-pressure difference, it can ensure that the humid air or other gases are unobstructed, while the aqueous solution is not permeable. Its performance is just the opposite of that of a hydrophilic membrane.

The PTFE membrane is highly chemically compatible and is suitable for filtration of all organic solvents and highly corrosive chemicals. When the aqueous phase solution must be filtered with a PTFE filter, it must be pre-impregnated with ethanol or isopropanol before the aqueous phase solution can be filtered.

2. Glass fiber filter membrane (GF) used to improve filtration rate and continuous filtration; glass fiber membrane is a deep filtration, its main purpose is to use as a pre-filtration layer, directly on the filter membrane.

3. PVDF filter membrane has excellent heat resistance and chemical stability. It is not corroded by acid, alkali, strong oxidizing agent and halogen at room temperature, and is stable to organic solvents such as aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols and aldehydes. Hydrophilic PVDF has a low amount of protein adsorption and is widely used in sterilization and filtration in biopharmaceuticals. Positively charged PVDF can be used to remove endotoxin.