Filter Membranes Technology

Overview of The Technology

Under the help of various permeable filter membranes, membrane technology provides engineering strategies to transport selected substances between two different portions.

To speak in a general way, filter membranes technology is utilized in processing
separating gas or fluid streams in a mechanical way.


Membrane processes do not require heating so that it consumes less energy than traditional thermal separation technology named distillation, sublimation, and crystallization. Due to its purified physical processing ability, both permeate and retentate portions can be involved.

Specifically, cold separation with the membrane is universally applied to the food, biology and pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, membranes make some separations be realized, which is not imaginable with the thermal methods.

Two Basic Models(to distinguish mass transfer)
In currently available filter membranes, there are two transporting approaches occur successively, especially existing in the ultra-filtration.

1.the solution-diffusion model
With the solution-diffusion model, transporting happens merely in diffusive condition.
*Be careful that the demanded component has to be dissolved in advance.

2.the hydrodynamic model
To operate hydrodynamically, transportation is accomplished in a convective environment, which requires smaller pore dimensions than other two isolated components’ diameters.

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