GF Membrane Filter

Hawach Scientific provide Glass fiber filter membrane, with a binder and without binder both available. Here we introduce the without binder type.

Pore size : 0.7um /1.2um
Diamter : 13/25/47/50/60/90/100/106/120/142/150/200/250mm.

Glass fiber filter membrane is chemically inert, without binder, made of 100% borosilicate glass fiber. With the capillarity fiber structure, can absorb more water than the same cellulose filter paper, the flow rate is fast, high-temperature resistance, strong ability to absorb pollution characteristics, and can filter fine particles. As an important part of fiberglass products, fiberglass is widely used, among which the application of the filter membrane is very close to our daily life. The fiber of the glass fiber filter membrane is very fine. It has high filterability, high dirt-bearing capacity, good hydrophobicity, and biological inertia.

Compared with other fiber materials and synthetic materials, glass fiber filter membrane has higher filtration efficiency and belongs to deep filtration. It is mainly used as a filter layer and directly added to the filter membrane. The glass fiber filter membrane is used for daily air pollution monitoring and special monitoring of solid pollutants, microorganisms, oil and acid mist in the air. Used for the collection of high-efficiency fine particles and the analysis of water pollution.Is the air dust collection, the accurate determination of the ideal supplies.

Can be used for membrane pre-filtration to prevent membrane blocking; Glass fiber filter membrane with the large surface area has excellent interception ability. Filters of different sizes have specific requirements for the diameter of the pre-filtration membrane. If the diameter is too large, its edge will extend under the sealing ring and cause leakage. When filtering more viscous and difficult to filter the liquid, it is usually used in the multi-layer filtration method, 2-3 layers of filter membrane with different pore sizes stacked, polyester separation layer added between the filter membrane for the convenience of liquid filtration, the top layer with glass fiber pre-filtration membrane.