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Glass Fiber Membrane Filters

The glass fiber filter is chemically inert and contains no binder. It is made of 100% borosilicate glass fiber. It has a capillary structure, can absorb more water than the same cellulose filter paper, has the characteristics of fast flow rate, high-temperature resistance and strong dirt holding capacity, and can filter fine particles. But in our company, we have two types of with binder and without binder. So when you going to buy it, you should know the type you need. As an important part of FRP products, glass fiber is widely used, and the application of filter film is very close to our daily life. The glass fiber membrane filters are extremely fine fiber, which has high filterability and high dirt carrying capacity and has good hydrophobicity and biological inertness.

Compared with other fiber materials and synthetic materials, glass fiber membrane filters have higher filtration efficiency and belong to deep filtration. Their main purpose is to use as a filter layer and directly on the membrane filter. Glass fiber membrane filters are used for routine monitoring of air pollution monitoring and special monitoring of solid contaminants, microorganisms, oils and acid mist in the air. It is used for the collection of highly efficient fine particles for water pollution analysis. It is an ideal product for collecting dust in the air and accurately measuring it. It can be used for pre-filtration of membranes to prevent clogging of membranes; large surface area uses glass fiber membranes for excellent retention. Different sizes of filters have specific requirements on the diameter of the pre-filtration membrane. Learn more about the different specifications of adhesive-free glass fiber filters:

MG A high-efficiency filtration is generally used for laboratory solvent buffer purification, air, and water pollution testing, in line with international standards
MG B filters and screens suspensions in water, sewage analysis, prefilters, suitable for bulk filtration.
MG C standard for wastewater and rainwater purification testing filters, cell collection, and hydrocarbon analysis.
MG D is generally used for pre-filtration.
MG F Efficient microparticle collection filter, protein purification for high-performance liquid chromatography liquid filtration.
MG G water filtration and testing.

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