Hawach MCE Membrane Filters

Hawach MCE membrane filters belong to the terminal filtration membrane, fast flow rate and not easy to absorb. The surface is smooth, the texture is thin, the void ratio is high and the microporous structure is uniform.

Application of MCE membrane filters
Filtrating bacteria and particles of industrial water quality, pharmaceutical oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, and scientific research laboratory in the pharmaceutical industry, production of products, mineral water, brewing, watches, and others. Generally, MCE membrane filters with more than 0.65 microns can remove particles and with less than 0.45 micron can remove bacteria.

Matters needing the attention of MCE membrane filters
1. Suitable for PH 2-9 pharmaceutical solution, strong acid or strong base or organic solvents, including alcohol, should not be used.
2. Used as the final stage of filtration. The filtrate must pass through the plate frame or other filter materials for pre-filtration to avoid blockage of the filter membrane.
3. Most of MCE membrane filters can be used for thermal pressure disinfection, boiling and chemical disinfection.
4. Rinse with distilled water twice before use and soak for 4 hours.