How to Choose the Appropriate Membrane Filter?

The membrane filter is micro-porous plastic films with specific pore size ratings. With surface capture, the membranes can retain particles or microorganisms larger than the pore size, and particles smaller than the pore size will be retained by other mechanisms at the same time.

Hawach filter membrane

The membrane of high quality not only has the character of strong strength of both burst (longitudinal) and tensile (lateral), high purity reagents and raw materials, it also provides high speed of gas and liquid flow by its high porosity.

China 0.45 Nylon Membrane Filters

When you select membrane filters, first you should figure out what kind of liquid or gas will be filtered, and then you need to check which membranes are chemically compatible and the maximum pore size is appropriate to achieve the best results. Don’t forget to consider all the condition of processing during the filtration, such as temperature. It will help you make the right decision.