How To Select The Right Membrane Filters

In different laboratory sample filtrations, we ensure that the correct membrane filter is selected from different types of filter materials. Here, we summarize the filtration features and applications of different membranes filter. Let’s explore together.

1.Nylon membrane filter
Features: good temperature resistance, can withstand 121 degrees saturated steam thermal pressure sterilization for 30 minutes. Good chemical stability of nylon membrane filter, can withstand dilute acid, dilute alkali, alcohol, oil, hydrocarbon, halogenated hydrocarbon and organic oxide and other organic and inorganic compounds.

Application: Nylon membrane filter is widely used to electronic, microelectronic, semiconductor industrial water filtration, tissue media filtration. Liquid medicine filtration, beverage filtration, high purity chemicals filtration, aqueous solution filtration, and organic mobile phase filtration.

2.PVDF membrane filter
Features: The PVDF membrane filter has high mechanical strength, high tensile strength, good heat resistance and chemical stability, low protein adsorption rate, strong negative electrostatic and hydrophobic; It has hydrophobic and hydrophilic forms.

Application:The hydrophobic PVDF is mainly used for the filtration of gas and steam, high-temperature liquid, and the hydrophilic PVDF is mainly used for the purification and filtration of tissue culture solution, additives, and other sterilizing filtration solvents and chemical raw materials, as well as the sterility treatment of reagents and the filtration of high-temperature liquid .

3.MCE membrane filter
Features:MCE membrane filter pore diameter is relatively uniform, the porosity is high, no medium shedding, the texture is thin, the resistance is small, the filtration is fast, the adsorption is small, the price cost is low, but not resistant to the organic solution and strong acid, strong alkali solution.

Application: The pharmaceutical industry needs thermal-pressed sterilized injection, large infusion to filter out particles, sterilizing heat-sensitive drugs (insulin ATP, coenzyme A, and other biochemical preparations), using 0.45 or 0.22-micron filter membrane solution in the analysis of particles and oil insoluble substances, and water pollution index measurement.

China 0.45 Nylon Membrane Filters
0.45 Hydrophobic PTFE Disc Membrane Filter
0.45 Nylon Membrane Filters for Lab

4.PP membrane filter
Features: PP membrane filter has no adhesive, stable chemical properties, flexible, not easy to damage, high-temperature resistance, can withstand high-pressure sterilization.

Application: PP membrane filter is suitable for making the various rough, fine filters, folding filter core, beverage, medicine, and other industries plate and frame press filter membrane. Suitable for reverse osmosis membrane, ultrafiltration membrane support, and pretreatment.PP filter membrane non-toxic tasteless can be used in medicine, chemical industry, food, beverage, and other fields.

5.PES membrane filter
Features: PES membrane filter is a hydrophilic filter membrane, with a high flow rate, low dissolution, good strength, no adsorption of protein and extract, no pollution to the sample.

Application: Low protein adsorption and high drug compatibility, designed for biochemical, testing, pharmaceutical, and antibacterial filtration devices

6.PTFE membrane filter
Features: PTFE membrane filter has the most extensive chemical compatibility, can withstand DMSO, THF, DMF, dichloromethane, chloroform, and other strong solvents.

Application: The PTFE membrane filter can filter all organic solutions, especially strong solvents that other membranes cannot tolerate.

8.CA (Cellulose acetate) membrane filter
Features: Hydrophilic, low protein binding, limited tolerance to organic solutions

Application: Filtration of proteins and enzymes; Protein recovery, diagnostic cytology, biological and clinical analysis, degerming of tissue media.