://Introduction of Hawach Microporous Membrane Products

Introduction of Hawach Microporous Membrane Products

The microporous membrane is one of the most widely used membrane types in membrane separation technology. It has the characteristics of large gas flux, high particle retention rate, good temperature resistance, strong acid, strong alkali, organic solvent and oxidant, anti-aging and non-stick, non-flammable and non-toxic, and good biocompatibility. Its material can be divided into organic and inorganic categories.

In view of the separation characteristics of the microporous filter membrane, the application scope of the microporous filter membrane is mainly to trap particles, bacteria and other pollutants in the gas phase and liquid phase to achieve the purpose of purification, separation, and concentration.

For microfiltration, the membrane interception characteristics are characterized by the pore size, usually ranging from 0.1 microns to 1 micron, It can be used for clarification, security filtration and air sterilization of general liquid. It is widely used in scientific research, medicine and health, biochemistry, food, energy, microelectronics industry, nanotechnology, environmental protection, and other departments.

Microporous membrane application

This product is mainly used for the filtration of the mobile phase and sample in chromatographic analysis. It has a good effect on protecting the chromatographic column, infusion pump pipe system and injection valve from contamination.

Microporous membrane material

1. MCE gridded membrane filter
2. Nylon membrane filter
3. PTFE membrane filter
4. PES membrane filter
5. CA membrane filter
6. PVDF membrane filter
7. GF membrane filter
8. PP membrane filter

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