Introduction of PES Membrane Filter

Hawach Scientific brand has been well known by domestic and foreign customers, the company has the right to import and export, product sales network throughout the country and has been exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. we started to learn world advanced production technology and experience in the very beginning. In this way, we can make sure that our quality equivalent to Whatman. From now on, we have exported to more than 120 countries all over the world.
Hawach Scientific’s PES microfiltration membranes are hydrophilic filtration membrane, which has the characteristics of high flow rate, low solubility and good strength. It does not absorb proteins and extracts, and has no pollution to samples.
Pore size available 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8, 1.2μm, with diameter 13,25,47,50,60,90,142,150,200,250mm. More detail information contact with
Product use
1.Used for sterilization and filtration of enzymes and proteins
2.Extraction and tissue culture of biological humoral blood samples
3.Biological and clinical analysis of drug filtration and sterilization