://Key Points For Attention In Membrane Filter Operation

Key Points For Attention In Membrane Filter Operation

In the application of membrane separation technology, the microporous membrane filter is one of the most widely used membrane species. Its use is simple and fast, and it is widely used in many fields such as scientific research, food detection, chemical industry, nanotechnology, energy, and environmental protection.

(1) Selection of microporous membrane filter. According to the solvent to be filtered, the appropriate material and specification of the microporous membrane were selected to open the packaging in the clean area. For example, if the solvent to be filtered is strong acid or alkali, the PTFE microporous membrane is selected.

(2) Check the selected microporous membrane filter. After selecting the filter membrane, carefully check whether there are holes, cracks and foreign bodies on the membrane. Due to the improvement of the fabrication process of microporous filter membranes, the quality of microporous filter membranes, whether domestic or imported, is better, and the above situation will not occur.

(3) immersion of microporous membrane filter. Rinse the microporous membrane with distilled water several times before it is put into the water for injection for one day so that the microporous membrane can achieve the best results.

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