Major Feature and Widely Application of Membrane filter

The membrane pores are subdivided from coarse to coarse into microfiltration membrane (MF), ultrafiltration membrane (UF), nanofiltration membrane (NF), and reverse osmosis membrane (RO). The pore size of the MF membrane filter is more than 0.05 um, or more than 1000 molecular weight, to remove colloid, polymer organic matter as the object. NF membrane pore size is 100~1000 molecular weight. The substance it removes is between UF and RO to remove chroma, pesticide, soluble organic matter, Ca、Mg, etc. The pressure of RO permeable water is 1-2 times more than its osmotic pressure. In addition, MF、UF, and RO are driven by the pressure to separate solids from the liquid. Ion exchange membranes are driven by electricity to separate salt molecules and promote desalination. The gas permeation membrane is a new kind of membrane that can concentrate on ethanol and desalinate seawater.

A wide range of pore sizes and materials such as PTFE-L, PVDF, Nylon, PP, CA, and MCE is available, which gives customers more choices. Nylon membrane filters are suitable for use with high PH samples; PES membranes filters are fit for filtration of compatible organic solvents and aqueous samples; PP membrane filters are widely used in analytical and research applications for the pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnological, and agricultural industries; PVDF membranes filter are often used for purity during sterilization speed.

Major Feature of Membrane Filter Treatment

The use of the membrane filter device does not require coagulation and flocculation chemical treatment, it also does not need evaporation separation, it only needs the pressure to separate the sample in water. Membrane filter parts should be lightly removed, and paid attention to daily protection, because the ultrafiltration membrane assembly is precision equipment, especially in the installation process, and it should be used properly. If the component is a failure, it is better to rinse it with clean water first, add 0.5% formaldehyde aqueous solution to sterilize, and sterilize and seal well. If components are to be subjected to freezing treatment in winter, otherwise the components may be scrapped.

0.22 um PVDF Membrane Filters

Widely Application of Membrane Filter

Hawach membrane filter is classified by the size of the intercepted raw water particles. At present, the ultrafiltration membrane is widely used, which is mainly divided into coil type, plate-frame type, tube type, and hollow fiber type filter membrane. Membrane filter consists of an ultrafiltration membrane, microporous membrane, nanofiltration membrane, microfiltration membrane, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, etc.

Performance Stability of Membrane Filter

Hydrophilic PTFE filter membrane has good chemical stability, a high sample recovery rate, and a low adsorption rate after permanent hydrophilization through low protein binding. It can be widely used for HPLC and MS, and operation stability is up to 100 degrees Celsius without performance fluctuation. In order to enhance the product experience, Hawach dedicates to offering wider pore sizes ranging from 0.1 to 0.5, and various cut disks such as 13mm, 25mm, 90mm, and so on. It can meet the requirements of daily application without considering incompatibility in aqueous and alcoholic solutions or solvents.

Performance of membranes filter

Different types of membranes filter provide diverse performances. In terms of thickness, PP is 160 to 230um, Nylon is 90 to 140um, PES is 110 to 140um, and PVDF is 90 to 100um. As for maximum operating pressure, all of them are in 1.5 or 4.2 bar@23℃.

Compared to chemical compatibility, PP is aqueous, and can act with mixed solvents; PES is used with strong bases, alcohols, protein, and peptides; Nylon is aqueous and fit for organic solvents, and mixed solvents; PVDF is used with aggressive solvents, strong acids, alcohols, bases, and aromatics. Other detailed information is provided on our official website.

Exceptional Integrity of Membrane Filter

Hawach membrane filter is commonly applied to the filtration of HPLC samples and general laboratory filtrations. The disc membrane is designed to guarantee exceptional integrity in the sample filtration process. Non-gap sealing design and virgin medical PP material are used to contain all the disc membranes. Additionally, superior performance can effectively prevent the leak of solvent and can greatly widen the filtration area in the membrane area. With years experience of in supplying membrane filters, Hawach has enough confidence in the production of excellent quality membrane filters, so you can rest assured to order different kinds of membrane filters from our factory.