Membrane Filtration Technology

Membrane filtration technology is, actually a kind of membrane separation technology, in which the driving force relies on the pressure. Membrane filter technology includes MF, UF, NF, and RO. When the solution flows over the membrane, under certain pressure, only water or some small molecule is allowed to get through the numerous micropores distributing over the membrane and turned into permeate.

Membrane filtration method is an alternative to MPN. Membrane is used for the microbiological analysis of water. Sometimes called “microporous filtration technology” or “MF technology”. The membrane filtration method uses a membrane filter, which can also be said to be a microporous filter. The microporous filter has a pore size of 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm, etc.

Other matters whose volume is greater than the diameter of membrane micropores would be stopped and turned into a concentrated solution. According to this principle, the membrane filter realizes solution separation and concentration. It is a kind of advanced water treatment technology.

Membrane technology is very convenient, because it is easy to arrange, and it can work without any additional chemicals. It can save energy as well. Nowadays, membrane filtration is widely used in water treatment for a lot of different functions, such as removing fine particles, sediment, bacteria, and viruses, dissolving organic matter, softening water, and more.

The installation of the membrane component

Make sure the membrane filtration system has been cleaned before you install the membrane components. Before you install the reverse osmosis membrane into the membrane filtration system, the O ring and the seal need to be lubricated. You can use a 50% glycerin-water solution. Oil, grease, vaseline, or other petroleum compound are prohibited.

Micro-filtration Membrane

The microfiltration membrane is a kind of precise filtration and can be divided into dead-end and crossflow. The former is usually used in small-scale applications and the filter elements are always one-off. The latter is usually used on an industry huge scale and it requires periodic cleaning and regeneration to recover the filtering performance of the membrane.

Micro-filtration membranes are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for degerming filtration. Besides, it is also widely used in urban sewage disposal and wastewater treatment preprocessing.

Ultrafiltration Membrane

Ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of membrane process that is between nanofiltration and microfiltration. It applies to the separation, concentration, and purification of macromolecular substances and small molecular substance.

The early industry ultrafiltration only applied to the treatment of sewage and wastewater. In the latest decades, with the development of ultrafiltration technology, it has been used in food and drink processing, the medicine industry, clinical medicine, sewage treatment, etc.

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Nanofiltration membrane

With numerous nanoscale holes on the membrane, this technology is between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. It stops the organic matter from molecular weight 200 to 1000 Dalton, which means it is very appropriate for concentration and desalination of the low molecular weight matter.

It also applies to water purification and water softening, removing trihalomethanes, low molecular weight matter, pesticides, and other harmful substances from the water. Besides, it can be used in whey concentration and desalination and increase the concentration of lactose to 29%, while ash removal reaches 90%.

Nanofiltration also applies to the following fields:
1. Drink industry
2. Foodstuff industry
3. Fine chemicals industry
4. Organic acids preparation
5. Biological medicine
6. Environmental protection industry

Expecting the above frequently used membrane separation processing, membrane filter filtration technology also includes reverse osmosis technology, dialysis, and so on.

The launch and operation of the system

The concentrated water valve must be kept open before you launch the system. And after you launch the system, you can close the concentrated water valve slowly to make the system achieve the given recovery.

During the operation, do not close the valve of the water pipe, including the system pre-launch, normal operation, washing, and chemical cleaning. Low-pressure flush to eliminate air before the high-pressure operation.

Cleaning the filter membrane

In order to clean up all the residual impurities, solvents, and protective liquid in the system, the new system needs to be cleaned thoroughly after installing all the components. When it is used in producing drinking water, it needs at least to wash for about 24 hours.

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