Microporous Filter Membrane Instructions

1. The pore size of the filter membrane must be accurately selected as needed before use. The material to be filtered must be larger than the pore size of the membrane.

2. The membrane should be cleaned before use, that is, it should be soaked in distilled water of about 70-80 degrees for 4 hours, or soaked in normal temperature distilled water for 12 hours.

3. When there are many particles in the filtrate and there are many bacteria, they should be pre-filtered, that is, filtered with pre-filter media or large-diameter filter membrane to avoid excessive blockage.

4. Disinfection: This filter is not sterilized before leaving the factory. Therefore, it needs to be sterilized before use. There are many disinfection methods. Generally, it is hot-pressed, that is, steam sterilization at 121 °C for 30 minutes. When hot-pressing, steam should be avoided. Directly unidirectionally punches on the membrane and prevents the negative pressure of the vapor from being condensed, so that the back side of the membrane is damaged and damaged. Boiling disinfection, chemical disinfection, etc. The sterilization method is used to test whether the seal is tight and the filter membrane is disinfected. Improper and damaged.

5. When filtering liquid, the filter must be wet. If the filter is dry due to disinfection, it must be wetted with sterile water. If the wetting does not affect the flow rate, all filter membranes must be applied before sterilization. Disinfection, and then sterilization in the sterile room, should be carried out in strict accordance with the sterilization procedures.

6. When using pressure, vacuum, position difference, must pay attention to prevent bacteria in the outside air when vacuuming, particles infiltrate contaminated filtrate. Pressure filtration, faster filtration rate, higher pressure, faster filtration speed, high pressure should be Consider whether the support of the filter is intact.