Microporous Membrane Filter

A microporous membrane filter is a membrane separation technology, the shape of the cylindrical structure, made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, which can filter 0.1μm or more particles and bacteria in liquid and gas.


A microporous membrane filter has the advantages of high filtration precision, fast filtration speed, less adsorption, no leakage, acid, and basic resistance, convenient operation, and can remove the bacteria and microparticles in the injected water. Microporous membrane filters also can recoil when cleaning.

Cleaning of filter elements

For the newly purchased microporous membrane filters, the filter element of which must be sterilized using disinfectant or steam before installation. For acetate filter elements, the only disinfectant should be used for sterilization, and steam should not be used for sterilization.

Application prospect

A microporous membrane filter is widely used for bacteria removal and clarification in medicine, large infusion, pure water, biological engineering as fine filtration equipment or purification device. As we all know, the filter operation has entered the membrane filtration era at present. With people’s understanding of membrane filtration, membrane filtration will be widely applied to most people’s filtration operations.