Microstructure of Membranes Material

The function of filter membrane material is determined by its microstructure. Knowing and understanding the microstructure of the material of the membrane can help us explain the technical parameters of the filter membrane from the mechanism and finally choose the right product. Below are the microstructure diagrams of the six common membranes:

Hawach filter membrane

Careful observation of the microscopic,the results shows that the microporous of GF membrane is composed of numbers of elongated fibers, which determines its relatively low density. GF membranes can accommodate many particles both on the surface and inside the membrane.

Relatively speaking, the structure of PES, MCE, PTFE, NY, PVDF is a regular network system and has a relatively dense interior except for the large gap of the surface. So the particles are mainly retained at the surface of the PES, MCE, PTFE, NY, PVDF membranes.

In general, GF has a strong capacity of holding dirt, but the absolute interception accuracy is not as high as that of the regular network system. Therefore, it is commonly used in coarse filtration and pre-filtration and preferentially retains large particles to protect the latter membrane from being clogged.

It is worth mentioning that the PP filter membranes and the GF structure are similar in characteristics, and are mainly used for pre-filtration to prevent clogging.