No More Clogged: The New Concept of Liquid-Gated Membrane

Filtering water is not as simple as it seems to be, because the pores in a membrane often get clogged with the material, and it is hard to clean or replace them. Depended on the new filter design, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

The liquid-gated membrane is tested a new nature-inspired membrane that filters liquids with other liquids, which makes a more efficient and longer-lasting membrane plan.

According to the concept of the liquid-gated membrane, the filter is coated with a liquid which is acting as a reversible gate. This liquid fills the pores when it is closed, but if pressure is applied to the membrane the liquid moving to the sides, only allowing the water pass through, and the liquid lining prevents the other particles which can not fit through, from building up on the surface and clogging the pores.

The researchers plan to conduct more studies of liquid-gated membranes, trying to filter different kinds of liquids and particles. They also try to determine how the liquid-gated membrane filters perform in the huge potential market.