Notices for Membrane Filter Operation

When you use Hawach Nylon Membrane Filter, Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filter, PTFE Membrane Filter, you should notices for membrane filter operation.

(1) In order to protect and prolong the service life of the filter membrane, filter paper or silk cloth of the same size can be placed on the filter membrane to avoid the rupture of the membrane filter.

(2) Measuring the foaming point: the sterilized microporous filter membranes can be reflected by measuring the pressure of the foaming point which is closely related to the quality of the filtered liquid. It is, furthermore, an important means to ensure the quality of the sterilized microporous filter membrane.

(3) The sterile microporous membrane filter used should be immersed in water for injection at about 70 ~C for 1 hour in advance. After the water is poured out, the microporous membrane should be immersed in warm water for overnight reserve. When it is in use, it should be taken out and washed with water for injection, and then it can be put into the filter for use.

(4) The aperture is conical, the smooth side is small for the front, and the rough side is large for the reverse. When installing, the front (smooth side) should be facing up and the reverse (dark side) should be facing down.

(5) When the temperature is low, the treated filter should be immersed in the same injection water as the temperature of the liquid for 5-10 minutes to avoid the cracking caused by the temperature difference.

Key Points for Attention in Membrane Filter Operation

There are three types of membrane filters,and the articles before has just gave a brief introduction of them, microporous membrane filters, is the most widely used membrane filters in our field. Its use is simple and fast, and it is mainly used in many fields such as scientific research, food detection, chemical industry, nanotechnology, energy, and environmental protection.

(1) Selection of microporous membrane filter. According to the solvent to be filtered, the appropriate material and specification of the microporous membrane were selected to open the packaging in the clean area. For example, if the solvent to be filtered is strong acid or alkali, the PTFE filter membrane is selected.

(2) Check the selected microporous membrane filter. After selecting the filter membrane, carefully check whether there are holes, cracks and foreign bodies on the membrane. Due to the improvement of the fabrication process of microporous filter membranes, the quality of microporous filter membranes, whether domestic or imported, is better, and the above situation will not occur.

(3) Immersion of microporous membrane filter. Rinse the microporous membrane with distilled water several times before it is put into the water for injection for one day so that the microporous membrane can achieve the best results.