Operating Steps and Tips of Membranes Filter

Operating Steps of Membranes Filter

1. Place the membrane filter in a clean container and soak it in distilled water of about 70 degrees to make it all wet. After several hours (more than 4 hours), pour out the water and soak it overnight with the above method. Then soak and clean it with warm distilled water before use.

2. Fill the cleaned filter membrane (wet) into a suitable filter to prevent leakage of the night around. The filtrate is put into the filter from the liquid inlet and air is removed from the exhaust outlet, then the filter can be carried out.

Operation Tips of Membranes Filter

1. Water diaphragm is suitable for the solution of PH 2-9. It is not suitable for the use of strong acids and alkalis or organic solvents, including alcohol.

2. The product is generally resistant to 130 degrees of temperature and 3-4 kg/cm of pressure.

3. Microporous membranes filter can only be used as Zui filters in the later stage. The filtrate must be pre-filtered through a plate or other filter material in order to avoid blockage of the filter membranes.

4. The method mentioned above is only applicable to the filtration of water-soluble drugs or other water-soluble agents.