Overall Instruction of Filter Membrane

In order to use the filter membrane properly and efficiently, there are several certain aspects as below that need to be paid attention to by the users.

Operation Instruction

The number one rule of membrane selection is that remember to select the filter membrane recommended in the experimental instructions. The first necessary step before the filtration is to conduct the cleaning procedure.

The filter membrane shall be cleaned with distilled water and then be soaked in the distilled water with the temperature kept between 70-80 degrees for four hours (or 12 hours in the normal temperature distilled water). the next step would be sterilization for those membranes that are not sterilized before going into the market.

The most common method is to put the cleaned filter into the filter first, and then go through the autoclaving process in 120 degrees for half an hour. In case that the sterilization process causes the membrane to be dry, just soak it with sterile water before use, otherwise, it will have an influence on the filtration efficiency.

Transportation and Storage

The filter membrane is supposed to be stored in the place that is not subjected to direct sunbeam, and its ambient temperature should be under a normal condition with the 60% relative humidity. The cellulose filter membrane is flammable, which must be kept away from fire during transportation as well as storage.