PES Ultrafiltration Membrane

A PES ultrafiltration membrane is a common ultrafiltration membrane and the world’s advanced microporous filter membrane. Most of its solutions can provide excellent performance for the purpose of retention and recovery.

PES ultrafiltration membrane is characterized by non-hydrophobic or hydrophilic interaction, low pollution, wide fluid range and pH range, which is usually the preferred ultrafiltration membrane in the ultrafiltration process.

Features of PES ultrafiltration membranes
1. Unique hydrophilic properties;
2. Free of surfactant and surface lubricant;
3. Provides a high level of filtration accuracy and fluxes for the filtered solution;
4. Good strength and resistance to forward and reverse pressure impact;
5. Low adsorption and high retention of protein and precious biological agents;
6. Excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability.

Application of PES ultrafiltration membranes
1. Sterilization of pharmaceutical and biological products;
2. Sterilization and filtration of drinking water, beverages, alcoholic drinks, and other liquids;
3. Terminal filtration of high purity water, ultra-pure water, and deionized water;
4. Purification and filtration of various chemical materials.

PES ultrafiltration membrane cannot be used for the filtration of ketone, ester, oil and other polar solution.