PES(Hydrophilic) Membrane Filter

Hawach Scientific company specializes in the production of PES filter membrane, stable quality, products exported to Europe, North America, and other countries. We have more than 16 years of experience in the filtration industry.

Pore size : 0.1um /0.22um/0.45um/0.65um/0.8um/1.2um
Diamter : 13/25/47/50/60/90/100/106/120/142/150/200/250mm.

PES microfiltration membrane (polyvinylidene fluoride), using the asymmetric structure, uniform openings.PES has excellent heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties, insulation properties, etc. PES microfiltration membrane can ensure low protein adsorption and low dissolution in the filtration process .

PES hydrophilic filter membrane is made of pure polyether sulfone material, without supporting material. It has good mechanical strength, thermal stability, and wide chemical compatibility. It is suitable for pure water filtration, medium filtration, buffer fluid filtration, protein solution filtration, biological products sterilization filtration, etc.

Application: it can be used for filtration of pharmaceutical liquid in the precision infusion device, conventional filtration of industrial wastewater (water and organic matter), polar solvent filtration, aseptic filtration in the biological field, sample preparation in HPLC, filtration of wine in the modern brewing process, etc.

Product features :
1.Good chemical compatibility
2.Multiple apertures to meet different needs
3.Biosorption low
4.Asymmetric structure, large flow rate

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