PP Membrane Filter and Its Application

a. Application

PP membrane filter is used to filter out bacteria and particles from the liquid in the pharmaceutical, electronic and biological manufacturing industry, brewing, clocks and watches, medical oil, lubricating oil, the fuel oil industry, and a scientific laboratory. Generally, PP membrane filter can remove bacteria when the pore size is less than 0.45 micron, used for removing particles by the types larger than 0.65 microns.


Membrane thickness (micron): 180-240
Pore size (micron) :0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 0.8, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0
Diameter (millimeter) 150 200 300 400
special specifications can also be customized

c.Usage method

1. Place the membrane in a clean container and soak it in distilled water to make it all wet.
2. Fix the wet membrane into the appropriate filter (smooth side down) to prevent its leakage.
3. Leading the liquid to be filtered in from the inlet and empty air from the exhaust, and then begin to filter.
4. Keep operation pressure keep less than 0.3Mpa.

d. Attention

1. This product should be kept away from sharp objects.
2. It is suitable for room temperature and 60% relative to humidity preservation.
3. Please use this product in the effective shelf-life period.


1. This diaphragm is made of polypropylene, which is suitable for alcohols, ethers, acids, and ketones. It is not suitable for halogens.
2. The general working temperature of this product cannot exceed 65℃, sterilization temperature 125℃ for half an hour, withstanding 300 KPa.
3. Filtration membranes can only be used as the final stage of filtration. The solution must be pre-filtered through sand rods or filter paper first in order to avoid the blockage.
4. This product is only suitable for the filtration of the aqueous solution. It’s not suitable for gas filtration.