Product Function Of PES Membrane Filter

In each step of the production process, high quality principle is always followed to guarantee uniform pores between batches to batches.These PES membrane filters can remove particle from samples with great efficiency thanks to their unifotm porosity and controlled pore sizes.

Hawach PES microfiltration membrane filter has an asymmetric structure with a high flow rate, high throughput, high strength, and high-temperature resistance. It can effectively filter out particulate matter and is suitable for use in medicine, wastewater treatment, and drinking water purification.

High flow rate, high throughput;
Inherent hydrophilicity;
Not easy to protein binding, low membrane fouling;
Good chemical compatibility;
High mechanical strength;
Clean environment production;
Excellent strength and durability, ideal for aggressive samples and automation equipment.
The product undergoes a 100% integrity test before leaving the factory.

Product supplicate in conventional filtration low protein adsorption filtration, ion chromatography solution filtration, rapid sterilization of tissue culture media, additives, buffers, and other aqueous solutions, pharmaceutical liquids, biological and serum in the pharmaceutical industry, terminal filtration of large infusion antibiotics, food industry beverage, wine and other terminal filtration, etc.