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PTFE Membrane Filters

Filter Media: Hydrophobic PTFE
Diameter: 13mm, 25mm, 47mm, 90mm, 142mm, 293mm
Pore Size: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm, 10.0μm


Description of PTFE Membrane Filters

PTFE membrane filter is made of polytetrafluoroethylene ultrafine fibers by hot-melt bonding together. PTFE filter is a kind of membrane material for deep filtration. Membrane filter disc has the following characteristics: membrane filter 0.22 μm is produced from food-grade isotactic polypropylene. No additives in the whole process; stable physical and chemical properties and good compatibility. PTFE membrane filter manufacturers provide a series of pore sizes(0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm, 10μm), high porosity, large dirt holding capacity, recoil and high temperature disinfection; good pressure resistance. When filtering the gas, 99.9999% can retain various bacteria, bacteria, and particles above 0.01μm.

As an absolute retentive membrane, hydrophobic PTFE membrane filters have excellent corrosion resistance and high flow rate, which are equivalent to Millipore membranes. Thin, highly porous, our PTFE disc has OEM service and their sizes could be customized.

Hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter has excellent chemical stability, resistance to organic solvents and strong acids, corrosion resistance; high temperature resistance, and low protein binding ability. Smooth surface, high filtration efficiency, and wide application range. It is mostly used for the filtration of anhydrous samples, strong acids and alkalis and other corrosive solutions, HPLC sample preparation, and mobile phase sample clarification.

Like PVDF membrane filter, they are all hydrophobic membrane filter with low protein binding capacity and high protein recovery rate and can be used for HPLC sample preparation. The difference is that the PVDF membrane filter has strong resistance, only second to the PTFE membrane filter.

Advantage of Membrane Filter Disc

ISO9001 approved, membrane imported from Germany for its rare materials, and the 100000-class cleaning working shop all ensured the high quality.
Hydrophobic membrane filter prevents moisture from passing through air vents and resistant to almost all chemicals. Round disc type and roll type are both available for different applications.
Inert to most aggressive solvents, including strong acids.
Operating temperature ranges from -120°C to 260°C.

Main Performance of Hydrophobic membrane filter

Hydrophobic membrane, high temperature resistance
Resistant to strong acid and a strong alkaline solution
Good chemical compatibility, resistance to most chemical solvents
It becomes a hydrophilic PTFE membrane after treatment with ethanol or isopropanol

Applications of PTFE Filter

Solvent sterilization
For filtration of anhydrous samples
Compressed air sterilization filtration
High-purity gas filtration in the electronics industry
Clarifying corrosive substances, strong acids, and alkalies
Purify samples and mobile phases of HPLC and GC
Used to sterilize gasses, vent gas from aqueous solutions, or sterilize or clarify aggressive chemicals

Technical Data of Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Filter

Filter Media Hydrophobic PTFE
Pore Size 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm, 10μm
Diameter 13mm, 25mm, 47mm, 90mm, 100mm, 106mm, 142mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm
Bubble Point ≧0.13MPa(0.22μm) ≧0.07MPa(0.45μm)
Flow Rate@23 ℃, H2O ≥ 6 mL/min/cm2@1bar(0.22μm) ≥ 30 mL/min/cm2@1 bar(0.45μm)
Thicknes 150 – 250μm
PH Range 1 – 14
Chemical compatibility Resistant to almost all chemicals
Maximum Operating Pressure 4.2 bar@23 ℃ 1.5 bar@85 ℃

Scanning Electron Microscope Picture of Membrane Filter 0.22 μm


Ordering Information of Hydrophobic Membrane Filter

Item Code Pore Size(μm) Diameter(mm) Sterile Quantity/pk
MLPT13010 0.10 13 No 200pcs
MLPT25010 0.10 25 No 200pcs
MLPT47010 0.10 47 No 100pcs
MLPT50010 0.10 50 No 100pcs
MLPT60010 0.10 60 No 100pcs
MLPT90010 0.10 90 No 50pcs
MLPT100010 0.10 100 No 50pcs
MLPT106010 0.10 106 No 50pcs
MLPT142010 0.10 142 No 50pcs
MLPT150010 0.10 150 No 50pcs
MLPT200010 0.10 200 No 50pcs
MLPT250010 0.10 250 No 50pcs
MLPT13022 0.22 13 No 200pcs
MLPT25022 0.22 25 No 200pcs
MLPT47022 0.22 47 No 100pcs
MLPT50022 0.22 50 No 100pcs
MLPT60022 0.22 60 No 100pcs
MLPT90022 0.22 90 No 50pcs
MLPT100022 0.22 100 No 50pcs
MLPT106022 0.22 106 No 50pcs
MLPT142022 0.22 142 No 50pcs
MLPT150022 0.22 150 No 50pcs
MLPT200022 0.22 200 No 50pcs
MLPT250022 0.22 250 No 50pcs
MLPT13045 0.45 13 No 200pcs
MLPT25045 0.45 25 No 200pcs
MLPT47045 0.45 47 No 100pcs
MLPT50045 0.45 50 No 100pcs
MLPT60045 0.45 60 No 100pcs
MLPT90045 0.45 90 No 50pcs
MLPT100045 0.45 100 No 50pcs
MLPT106045 0.45 106 No 50pcs
MLPT142045 0.45 142 No 50pcs
MLPT150045 0.45 150 No 50pcs
MLPT200045 0.45 200 No 50pcs
MLPT250045 0.45 250 No 50pcs
MLPT13100 1.0 13 No 200pcs
MLPT25100 1.0 25 No 200pcs
MLPT47100 1.0 47 No 100pcs
MLPT50100 1.0 50 No 100pcs
MLPT60100 1.0 60 No 100pcs
MLPT90100 1.0 90 No 50pcs
MLPT100100 1.0 100 No 50pcs
MLPT106100 1.0 106 No 50pcs
MLPT142100 1.0 142 No 50pcs
MLPT150100 1.0 150 No 50pcs
MLPT200100 1.0 200 No 50pcs
MLPT250100 1.0 250 No 50pcs
MLPT13300 3.0 13 No 200pcs
MLPT25300 3.0 25 No 200pcs
MLPT47300 3.0 47 No 100pcs
MLPT50300 3.0 50 No 100pcs
MLPT60300 3.0 60 No 100pcs
MLPT90300 3.0 90 No 50pcs
MLPT100300 3.0 100 No 50pcs
MLPT106300 3.0 106 No 50pcs
MLPT142300 3.0 142 No 50pcs
MLPT150300 3.0 150 No 50pcs
MLPT200300 3.0 200 No 50pcs
MLPT250300 3.0 250 No 50pcs
MLPT13500 5.0 13 No 200pcs
MLPT25500 5.0 25 No 200pcs
MLPT47500 5.0 47 No 100pcs
MLPT50500 5.0 50 No 100pcs
MLPT60500 5.0 60 No 100pcs
MLPT90500 5.0 90 No 50pcs
MLPT100500 5.0 100 No 50pcs
MLPT106500 5.0 106 No 50pcs
MLPT142500 5.0 142 No 50pcs
MLPT150500 5.0 150 No 50pcs
MLPT200500 5.0 200 No 50pcs
MLPT250500 5.0 250 No 50pcs
MLPT131000 10.0 13 No 200pcs
MLPT251000 10.0 25 No 200pcs
MLPT471000 10.0 47 No 100pcs
MLPT501000 10.0 50 No 100pcs
MLPT601000 10.0 60 No 100pcs
MLPT901000 10.0 90 No 50pcs
MLPT1001000 10.0 100 No 50pcs
MLPT1061000 10.0 106 No 50pcs
MLPT1421000 10.0 142 No 50pcs
MLPT1501000 10.0 150 No 50pcs
MLPT2001000 10.0 200 No 50pcs
MLPT2501000 10.0 250 No 50pcs
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