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PVDF Membrane Filters

Filter Media: Hydrophobic PVDF
Diameter: 13mm, 25mm, 47mm, 90mm, 142mm, 293mm
Pore Size: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm


Description of PVDF Membrane Filters

PVDF membrane filter, has excellent chemical compatibility, including corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and heat resistance. Its broad chemical compatibility allows PVDF filters to accommodate a wide range of applications especially those requiring a high flow rate. PVDF filter is commonly used for purification during sterilizing or clarifying procedures. Hawach provides PVDF membrane filters with OEM service, customized sizes. PVDF filter manufacturers provided a reasonable PVDF membrane price. Small orders are also welcomed.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membranes are characterized by very low protein adsorption, and hydrophobic membranes can also be used to filter gases. Sterile PVDF membranes are often used for biological sterilization filtration after hydrophilic treatment.

PVDF membrane protein binding has strong negative electrostatic and hydrophobicity, and PVDF membrane protein binding is a new type of precision filtration membrane that can be used in liquid sterilization, particle removal filtration, and gas dehumidification, sterilization, and dust removal filtration. PVDF membrane filter’s biggest feature is very low protein adsorption, and the hydrophobic membrane filter can also be used to filter gas.

PVDF membrane has good heat resistance and chemical stability. PVDF membrane has stronger corrosion resistance than polypropylene membrane. Can withstand high-pressure steam sterilization at 128-142℃. Both sides of the membrane are completely covered, no fibers are exposed, the surface pores are densely distributed, the pores are round and oval, and the pore size is different. As the pore size of the membrane decreases, the membrane binds to low molecular weight proteins more firmly.

Advantage of PVDF Membrane

Raw materials of PVDF membrane protein binding are imported from Germany or the USA, so you don’t need to worry about the membrane quality.
Manufactured in the cleaning room, which ensures no impurities being introduced during the manufacturing process.
PVDF membrane filter has a high filtration speed
Good chemical compatibility
PVDF membrane protein binding passed ISO 9001 certified.
OEM service available
Reasonable PVDF membrane price

Features of PVDF Filters

Hydrophobic PVDF membrane filter
PVDF filters have a high flow rate
Excellent chemical compatibility
Low background response
High heat resistance and oxidation resistance
PVDF membrane has a low dissolution

Applications of PVDF Membrane Protein Binding

Air cleaning and degassing
General biological filtration
HPLC sample preparation
Filtration of samples for high protein recovery

Technical Data Provided by PVDF Filter Manufacturers

Filter Media Hydrophobic PVDF
Pore Size 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm
Diameter 13mm, 25mm, 47mm, 50mm, 60mm, 90mm, 142mm, 150mm, 200mm, 293mm, 300mm
Bubble Point ≧0.07MPa(0.22μm) ≧0.04MPa(0.45μm)
Flow Rate@23 °C, H2O ≥ 3 mL/min/cm2@1 bar(0.22μm) ≥ 7 mL/min/cm2@1 bar(0.45μm)
Thicknes 90 – 100μm
PH Range 2 – 10
Chemical compatibility Used with aggressive solvents,strong acids,alcohols,bases,aromatics
Maximum Operating Pressure 4.2 bar@23 °C 1.5 bar@85 °C

Scanning Electron Microscope Picture


Ordering Information of PVDF filters

Item Code Pore Size(μm) Diameter(mm) Sterile Quantity/pk
MLPV13010 0.10 13 No 400pcs
MLPV25010 0.10 25 No 400pcs
MLPV47010 0.10 47 No 100pcs
MLPV50010 0.10 50 No 100pcs
MLPV60010 0.10 60 No 100pcs
MLPV90010 0.10 90 No 50pcs
MLPV142010 0.10 142 No 50pcs
MLPV150010 0.10 150 No 50pcs
MLPV200010 0.10 200 No 50pcs
MLPV293010 0.10 293 No 50pcs
MLPV300010 0.10 300 No 50pcs
MLPV13022 0.22 13 No 400pcs
MLPV25022 0.22 25 No 400pcs
MLPV47022 0.22 47 No 100pcs
MLPV50022 0.22 50 No 100pcs
MLPV60022 0.22 60 No 100pcs
MLPV90022 0.22 90 No 50pcs
MLPV142022 0.22 142 No 50pcs
MLPV150022 0.22 150 No 50pcs
MLPV200022 0.22 200 No 50pcs
MLPV293022 0.22 293 No 50pcs
MLPV300022 0.22 300 No 50pcs
MLPV13045 0.45 13 No 400pcs
MLPV25045 0.45 25 No 400pcs
MLPV47045 0.45 47 No 100pcs
MLPV50045 0.45 50 No 100pcs
MLPV60045 0.45 60 No 100pcs
MLPV90045 0.45 90 No 50pcs
MLPV142045 0.45 142 No 50pcs
MLPV150045 0.45 150 No 50pcs
MLPV200045 0.45 200 No 50pcs
MLPV293045 0.45 293 No 50pcs
MLPV300045 0.45 300 No 50pcs
MLPV13065 0.65 13 No 400pcs
MLPV25065 0.65 25 No 400pcs
MLPV47065 0.65 47 No 100pcs
MLPV50065 0.65 50 No 100pcs
MLPV60065 0.65 60 No 100pcs
MLPV90065 0.65 90 No 50pcs
MLPV142065 0.65 142 No 50pcs
MLPV150065 0.65 150 No 50pcs
MLPV200065 0.65 200 No 50pcs
MLPV293065 0.65 293 No 50pcs
MLPV300065 0.65 300 No 50pcs
MLPV13100 1.0 13 No 400pcs
MLPV25100 1.0 25 No 400pcs
MLPV47100 1.0 47 No 100pcs
MLPV50100 1.0 50 No 100pcs
MLPV60100 1.0 60 No 100pcs
MLPV90100 1.0 90 No 50pcs
MLPV142100 1.0 142 No 50pcs
MLPV150100 1.0 150 No 50pcs
MLPV200100 1.0 200 No 50pcs
MLPV293100 1.0 293 No 50pcs
MLPV300100 1.0 300 No 50pcs
MLPV13300 3.0 13 No 400pcs
MLPV25300 3.0 25 No 400pcs
MLPV47300 3.0 47 No 100pcs
MLPV50300 3.0 50 No 100pcs
MLPV60300 3.0 60 No 100pcs
MLPV90300 3.0 90 No 50pcs
MLPV142300 3.0 142 No 50pcs
MLPV150300 3.0 150 No 50pcs
MLPV200300 3.0 200 No 50pcs
MLPV293300 3.0 293 No 50pcs
MLPV300300 3.0 300 No 50pcs
MLPV13500 5.0 13 No 400pcs
MLPV25500 5.0 25 No 400pcs
MLPV47500 5.0 47 No 100pcs
MLPV50500 5.0 50 No 100pcs
MLPV60500 5.0 60 No 100pcs
MLPV90500 5.0 90 No 50pcs
MLPV142500 5.0 142 No 50pcs
MLPV150500 5.0 150 No 50pcs
MLPV200500 5.0 200 No 50pcs
MLPV293500 5.0 293 No 50pcs
MLPV300500 5.0 300 No 50pcs
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