Program and Application of Filter Membrane in Drinking Water

The conventional treatment procedures of the water purification plant are coagulation, sedimentation, and filtration. The membrane separation water plant requires simple treatment procedures when the raw water meets the conditions of the filtration membrane treatment. Or add micro-sieve treatment). In terms of energy consumption, a full filtration method using a filtration membrane is used. Because the pressure is increased by the filtration membrane, the raw water pump still needs to consider increasing the pressure.

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In the future, filter membrane technology will have greater development in water supply. However, filter membrane treatment is not a panacea. Continuous application of a century of conventional treatment technology of condensation, precipitation, and filtration has gained great advantages in accumulating a lot of valuable experience. Some water supply experts believe that it is impossible to replace membrane technology with a comprehensive one. of. It is necessary to use a combination of membrane technology and other treatment methods. Looking back on the previous experience on feedwater, from slow filtration to fast filtration, and chlorine disinfection measures have been adopted, and now the application of filter membrane technology to feedwater has to be considered.

Among MF, UF, NF and RO, RO has no use except RO for desalination applications. RO removes almost all the salts. After treatment, the water becomes pure water without any salts, even more pure than distilled water. Of course, such water cannot be used as drinking water. If it is used, it is necessary to add salts that are beneficial to human health. To meet this requirement, there is no condition to do so.

The removal of MF is second only to RO, but the removal rate is also very high. It is generally used as soft water, and it is not suitable for drinking water due to the above reasons. Therefore, the filter membrane used for water purification treatment should be MF and UF membranes. With such a membrane, colloids, plankton, etc. can be mainly removed, insoluble iron and manganese can be removed, and fungi can be removed. However, in order to prevent the bacteria from regenerating in the clear water tank, the sterilization process cannot be omitted. Considering the molecular weight of the UF removal substance, it has no ability to remove organic solvents such as ozone and trihaloethylene.

These solvents will form a thin film on the film surface. These films may be removed in the future. the study. As for the membrane type, membranes such as an external pressure hollow system or a tube type are suitable for use. If an external pressure membrane is used, the raw water passing through the grit chamber can be directly connected to the membrane for processing. The raw water directly connected to the plate-and-frame and spiral membranes, in order to prevent the membrane holes from being blocked, the floating materials in the raw water should be removed before flowing into the membrane.

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