Structure and Design Feature of Roll Type Filter Membrane

Instruction to Structure of Roll Type Filter Membrane

The filter membrane is divided into three types according to the structure of the membrane: roll membrane, ceramic membrane, and hollow fiber membrane. Roll-type membrane plays an important role in membrane filtration technology. Now let’s focus on a roll film. By the guide screen, membrane and membrane support materials are stacked in turn, with the adhesive along the three sides of the two layers of membrane bond seal, the other open side, and the middle through the liquid collecting pipe connection, and then winding together. The liquid containing the material flows from one end into the diversion barrier and from the other end, flowing through the liquid along with the porous supporting material and drawn from the intermediate collecting pipe. The roll-type filter membrane has Cellulose Acetate Membrane Filter, PP Membrane Filter for your choose.

Configuration of Roll Type Filter Membrane

Hawach discloses a roll-type filter membrane, the inner part of which is provided with a central filter tube, the outer side of the diaphragm layer is provided with a membrane shell, the two ends of the filter are provided with a raw water seal washer, the other end of the original water seal washer is provided with an outlet pipe, the surface of the original water seal washer is provided with an inlet and outlet water hole, the diaphragm layer includes an inlet water screen, the outer side of the inlet water screen is provided with a water production screen, and the outer side of the water production screen is provided with graphene nanometre.

The function of Roll Type Filter Membrane

The roll-type filter membrane can greatly accelerate the water production speed by setting a ceramic central filter tube, and the graphene nano-film built into the diaphragm layer effectively improves the purification ability and water quality purification effect of the membrane layer. At the same time, the filter ends are buckled with a raw water seal washer, which is convenient to disassemble, easy to clean up the fouling on the membrane surface, reduces the fouling plugging of the diaphragm layer, avoids the secondary pollution of the water source, and ensure our healthy life.

Adsorption Mechanism of Membrane Filter

According to the adsorption mechanism and the pore characteristics of the membrane layer and the supporting layer, it can be explained why membrane filtration is easy to block oily sewage for clean water. For general solid suspended matter, particles larger than the membrane pore are intercepted (screened) on the surface of the membrane, and particles smaller than the membrane pore passes through the membrane pore, which cannot be adsorbed on these particles because of the thin film as the filter layer. Although the supporting layer is relatively thick, its pore is larger than the membrane pore and is not sufficient to produce adsorption.