The Advantages of Using a Filter Membranes to Treat Drinking Water

Advantages of membrane filtration

membrane filter has advantage of no coagulant required, Simple automation, and easy unmanned management, and the filtration membrane water plant occupies less land. Let’s learn about it with Havach.

(1) No coagulant required

From the past experience of using filter membranes, the raw water used for drinking water (river water, reservoir water, and eutrophic lake water) is treated with MF membrane without coagulant, and the conventional methods of coagulation, precipitation, and filtration with a coagulant. Compared with the treatment, the water quality of the former and the water treated by the latter is equal to or more than that of the treated water.

(2) Simple automation and easy unmanned management

Membrane separation technology only provides the necessary operating pressure for the supply of raw water, and it only needs to run for a long time to flush the filter membrane, and there is no other process. At present, there are many steps in the process of coagulation, sedimentation, and filtration of purified water, and the dosage rate cannot be set in terms of administration. In this case, it is easy to automate the membrane device and make it unmanned, but it is not easy to automate conventional processing.

(3) The filtration membrane water plant occupies less land

Adopting filter membrane water plant, the membrane device covers a small area, and it is easy to reduce the plant area occupied by conventional treatment with the same water production volume by half. The remaining places can be equipped with activated carbon treatment devices. As the filter membrane water plant can be unmanned, the buildings and supporting facilities where employees live can be reduced.

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The function of Membrane Filter

The filter membrane as the original filter is characterized by a very thin filter layer, so its filtration mechanism is mainly screen removal, and the adsorption effect is very small. However, if the water contains oil, it is easy to block and not easy to backwash.

Application of filter membrane

In addition to being used for water treatment, filtration membranes can also be used in the manufacture of ultrapure water and desalination. Generally, reverse osmosis membranes (nanofiltration membranes) are used. In addition, it is used for feces and urine treatment, urban sewage treatment, and various wastewater treatments. Ultrafiltration membranes and microfiltration membranes are generally used. Industrially, it can be used in dairy product manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, food manufacturing, paper manufacturing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes are also commonly used.

Filter membranes are used in food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, municipal water treatment, industrial high-purity water, boiler make-up water, seawater desalination, ultra-pure water in the electronics industry, wastewater treatment and reuse, material concentration purification, and other industries.

More extensive, household ultrafiltration water purifiers, ultrafiltration membranes. It can remove large molecules, colloids, proteins, particles, etc. in the solution, and has the characteristics of low use pressure, large water production, and easy operation.

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