The Applications Of Membrane Filter

Membrane Filter Water Treatment

Membrane filter water treatment is a solid-liquid separation technology. It filters water through membrane holes and retains impurities in water without chemical changes. However, due to the very small size of the membrane holes, there are some corresponding technical problems. Biofilm is also used to treat raw water in the feed water, but it is different from filtration membrane separation technology.

Applications of membrane filtration

In addition to water treatment, microporous membrane filter can also be used for ultra-pure water production and desalination. Generally, reverse osmosis membranes (nanofiltration membranes) are used. Application of membrane filtration. Ultrafiltration membranes and microfiltration membranes are commonly used in feces and urine treatment, urban sewage treatment, and various wastewater treatments.

In industry, it can be used in dairy products manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, food manufacturing, paper manufacturing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Ultrafiltration membranes and microfiltration membranes are also commonly used.

In addition, membrane filter is also used in food and beverage, medical pharmaceuticals, municipal industrial water treatment, industrial high-purity water, boiler water supplement, seawater desalination, ultra-pure water in electronic industry, wastewater treatment and reuse, material concentration and purification and other industries.