The Applications Of PVDF Membranes Filter

PVDF filter could be widely used in many ways, such as used for binding nucleic acids to proteins. The pore size of the membrane is usually 0.45 μm, which size is widely compatible with common solvents. The background value of PVDF membranes for chemiluminescence detection is very low. And the color will be durable during the whole progress and not fade.

The binding reaction of PVDF membranes is hydrophobic. And when doing the experiment the biomolecules can be immobilized on the membranes by ultraviolet cross-linking and base immobilization.

PVDF membrane is very suitable for the detection of color reaction because it is non-fading.
The applications of PVDF membranes may include the interactions between protein and nucleic acid, the immunoblotting research, ELISA, radioimmunoassay, the detection of fluorescence or chemiluminescence, the development of drugs using binding biomolecules and EliSpots.

The success of the experiment depends on the good sample. The good sample depends on the good filtration. Good filtration depends on the selection of membrane materials. In a word, with the further development of material technology, filtering technology will play an increasingly important role in our experiments.