The Nylon Membrane Filters

The material of the nylon membrane filter is aliphatic nylon. It has good hydrophilicity, the appropriate concentration of acid and alkali resistant, and applies not only acid and alkaline aqueous solution, but also suitable for organic solvent, such as alcohols, hydrocarbon, ethers, esters, ketones, benzene and benzene homologs, dimethylformamide and dimethyl sulfoxide.

The nylon membrane filters are one of the most widely applicable scopes microporous membrane filters. (belonging to the terminal filtration membrane), the aperture of which is 0.22 – 5.0 um and the size of which is φ400 –φ25mm.

Application fields of the nylon membrane filters

1. Terminal filtration of API, medicinal solvent, injection water, injection and infusion solution, etc.
2. Terminal filtration of high-purity water, mineral water, fruit juice, soft drinks, grape wine, liquor, beer, and dairy products.
3. Plasma filtration.
4. For the folding filter element.

Features of the nylon membrane filters

1. Hydrophilic, partially resistant organic, solvent, not resistant to strong acids. Protein binding ability is higher, so it is not suitable for protein recycling.
2. Matters needing attention when using the nylon membrane filter
3. The filtrate must be prefiltered when there are too many particles or bacteria in it.