The Role And Application Of Membrane Filters

The membrane filter is widely used in today’s life, including ultrafiltration membrane, microporous membrane, nanofiltration membrane, microfiltration membrane, mesopore fiber ultrafiltration membrane, etc.

Role of the membrane filter
1. Treatment of solute separation and concentration in solution;
2. Often used for separation of colloidal suspension.

The membrane filter is used for food, beverage, medical medicine, municipal water treatment, industrial high pure water, boiler water, seawater desalination, electronic industry ultra-pure water, wastewater treatment and reuse, material concentration and purification and other industries.

Apply the membrane filter to drinking water
The conventional treatment procedures of the water purification plant are coagulation, precipitation, and filtration. The treatment procedures are simple and only need the filtration membrane device to deal with it. In terms of energy consumption, the full-volume filtration mode of the filter membrane is adopted. Since the pressure is increased through the filter membrane, the raw water pump still needs to be considered in terms of enhancing the pressure.

Types of the membrane filter
At present, according to the form of the membrane filter, it can be divided into coil type, plate frame type, tube type, and hollow fiber type.