The Ultrafiltration Filter Membrane

The ultrafiltration filter membrane (MCE Membrane Filter, PES Membrane Filter) is a kind of microporous filtration membrane with uniform pore size and rated pore size range of 0.001-0.02 micron. With proper pressure on one side of the filter membrane, solute molecules smaller than the pore size can be screened to separate particles with a molecular weight greater than 500 Dalton and particle size larger than 2 ~ 20 nm.

Structure of the ultrafiltration filter membrane

Its structure is divided into symmetry and asymmetry. The former is isotropic, has no cortex, and the pores in all directions are the same, belonging to deep filtration. The latter has a relatively dense surface layer and a bottom layer dominated by finger-like structure, orderly micropores. Industrial ultrafiltration filter membranes are usually asymmetric.

Application of the ultrafiltration filter membrane

Ultrafiltration technology is developing fast. Ultrafiltration separation technology is widely used in the preparation of drinking water, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, industrial wastewater treatment, radioactive wastewater treatment, metal coating, biological product processing, oil processing.

The ultrafiltration filter membrane has been used in the industry. Used for separation, concentration, and purification of biological products, pharmaceutical products, and food industry. It is used as a terminal treatment device in blood treatment, wastewater treatment, and ultrapure water preparation.