Why Do Some Microporous Filter Membranes Require Hydrophilic Treatment and Hydrophobic Treatment?

1. The hydrophilic membrane and the hydrophobic membrane have their respective targeted applications. The hydrophilic membrane is used for sewage treatment, and the hydrophobic membrane is used for gas-water separation.

2. Why is the hydrophilic membrane used for sewage treatment?

Firstly, for the hydrophobic material such as PVDF, the membrane prepared by the impregnation phase separation method is suitable for dry membrane preservation after hydrophilic modification, which reduces the membrane performance degradation caused by membrane respiration and microbial growth, which is beneficial to transportation and storage!

The second is that in the application process, the colloid, protein or other organic matter contained in the sewage easily adheres to the surface of the membrane to form a pollution layer, which causes the membrane water production flux to drop drastically, reducing the production efficiency and the use value of the membrane, and finally due to the hydrophilicity. The filtration resistance of the membrane is small, the relative energy consumption is low, and the period in which the membrane is contaminated is relatively long, which is favorable for the high production ratio of the membrane. Hawach’s hydrophilic membranes include Nylon Membrane Filters, Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filters, PES Membrane Filters, Cellulose Acetate Membrane Filters, MCE Membrane Filters.

3. The hydrophobic membrane is used for the membrane process such as air filtration and membrane distillation. The better the hydrophobicity, the better the permeability to the gas, and the higher the production efficiency and the ratio of production value. Hawach’s hydrophobic membranes including hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Filters, PVDF Membrane Filters, GF Membrane Filters, PP Membrane Filters. You can choose the right filter for your application.

All in all, the membrane is treated differently, hydrophobic or hydrophilized in order to adapt to different applications, to achieve optimal production ratio!